1858 and 2015: two landmark years in land registry history.

The first marks when the Torrens title-based land registry system was adopted in Australia, where it’s used to this day. But 2015 is of truly global significance. That’s when Advara and our cloud-native land registry platform was born – the world’s first digital land registry as a service (LRaaS) solution.

Answering the land registry industry's call

In 2014, land titling in Australia had changed very little since the Torrens system was first adopted in the 19th century. Everything was still paper based. Even the IT systems supporting the hardcopy system relied on manual processing.

And Australia wasn’t alone. Land registry agencies worldwide were struggling with the growing costs associated with labour-intensive, paper-based legacy systems. And they were struggling even more to find a suitable alternative.

The digital age had apparently forgotten the land registry industry. Something needed to change.

Advara: Making the digital leap, making land registry history

In 2015, we answered the call for innovation. In consultation and partnership with the land registry industry, we developed our next-generation land registry platform – a scalable, cloud-native, multi-tenanted solution designed to be:

  • Fast. Reducing processing and transaction times.
  • Efficient. Minimising or eliminating manual interventions.
  • Accurate. Minimising or eliminating errors and delays.
  • Cost effective. Enabling government agencies to reduce overheads and costs.
  • Intuitive. Providing everyone – authorities and the public – with a better registry experience.
  • Universal. Suitable for any jurisdiction and integrating seamlessly with legacy systems and services.

Find out more about what our land registry platform does and the tangible benefits and performance improvements it delivers.

The future of land registrations around the world

Our pioneering LRaaS solution is the first and only platform of its kind in the world. So, for land registry agencies – not only in Australia, but around the world – it marks a turning point and step-change opportunity to improve efficiency, productivity and performance.

And at Advara, under the leadership of our experienced team, we’re going to ensure LRaaS evolves to meet the changing needs of our clients everywhere.

Learn more about what we do and how our team’s wealth of digital disruption and land registry experience has enabled us to develop the world’s only built-for-purpose digital land registry platform. Alternatively, contact us for more information.